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Sequoia Preschool and Childcare, Modesto CA

Our goal is to provide for the well-being of the “Whole” child…

Mentally, Physically, and Academically.

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Grounded In Compassion And Empathy

Our Staff is committed to providing a high quality childcare program in Modesto CA that is an extension of your ideas as parents. In our program, parents and staff are partners working together to provide a warm, loving, safe and healthy environment that will ensure each child is able to grow and thrive. Our center is grounded in compassion and empathy. We use positive reinforcement to promote each child’s self-esteem and to model appropriate interaction between one another.

Providing A Positive Environment For Safe Exploration

The development of a child is a complex one in which his/her inborn characteristics and environment continually influence one another. While normal maturation takes place in predictable steps, reaching more complex levels at each stage – so too does each child possess unique characteristics that are all their own. Each child’s individuality is determined by both inherited and environmental traits. As caregivers, we recognize that our interaction with your children can have an important and lasting impact. As a result, it is our goal to provide a positive environment for safe exploration.

Mastering New Skills – Structured Learning Combined With Creative Play

While our Modesto CA childcare program values academic advancement and provides a structured time for preschool curriculum that promotes kindergarten readiness skills, we also value creative play. It is through creative play and the opportunity to explore new concepts and ideas that children are able to learn and eventually master new skills.

Free Choice Time Is A Chance To Explore

During free choice time, children are provided with an opportunity to explore various developmentally appropriate, creative learning opportunities. Each day we focus on literature/language exploration, math, science/nature, sensory and art. Children are always afforded the opportunity for dramatic play, blocks/building, and indoor/outdoor play. Our curriculum is based on a framework that allows us to evolve based on our students’ needs and interests. Through these activities, not only will your child attain academic knowledge, so too will they develop fine and gross motor skills.

Creating A Solid Foundation For Future Success

Our ultimate goal is to provide for the well-being of your “whole” child. Academic, mental and physical success goes hand-in-hand. Our program is designed to broaden each child’s self-awareness and their awareness of the external world around them, thereby creating a solid foundation for future academic success.

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Our Childcare Center is located at 1308 Coffee Road, Modesto CA, just south of Orangeburg Avenue and north of Brighton Avenue/Downey Park.

Sequoia Preschool Academy

1308 Coffee Road

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Sequoia Preschool Academy

Our childcare program in Modesto CA follows a multicultural curriculum designed
to prepare your child for Kindergarten…
Both Academically And Socially.

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