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Wow, what a week of learning, fun, and an educational field trip to Resendiz' Farm!
The children were so excited on Thursday and they enjoyed their field trip immensely. A BIG thank you to all of our parents who participated in this fun event!
Here are a variety of photos from this week's activities:
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Sequoia Preschool Academy
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Good Sunday evening to all of you wonderful parents, family and friends!
The children had a very exciting week especially with a visit from three of Modesto's finest fire fighters!
The children have been learning a lot about safety, 911, SDR (Stop, Drop and Roll) and the importance of having a family emergency meeting place in the event of a fire. We also have been going over various scenarios with the children and how best to handle the situations.

The children had a great time with the fire fighters, learning about the trucks equipment, their personal equipment they wear during a fire, how the fire fighter changes the way he looks once he's in full fire apparel and the way his voice changes when wearing their oxygen mask! The children were very happy holding and spraying the water hose. Wow, water power.
There are also some additional pics from activities with their teachers this week!! Enjoy
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Good afternoon parents, family and friends!
We have had a wonderful last week in September! This week we reiterated letters C,B, and A and colors green, yellow and red! The children also celebrated Jonny Appleseed day with stories, crafts and a homemade apple cake!!
Here are some special photos of these wonderful events:
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Good evening Parents,

I wanted to share with all of you Friday's fun events.
The children finished their curriculum regarding metamorphosis this past week. While observing the cocoons this past week, first one cocoon opened to reveal a butterfly. Two days later, a second butterfly. On Friday, we celebrated the releasing of our butterflies! The children made butterfly headdresses and they enjoyed watching their butterflies fly away! How wonderful... Here are photos of these special activities! Please enjoy!
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Good morning Parents, family and friends!

I wanted to share with everyone photos of the children during yesterday's apple fest, eating apples to determine their favorite, decorating their speared apples into chocolate, caramel and lots of different sprinkles of their choice! The children made an apple graph and truly enjoyed this hands-on learning activity.

A BIG thank you to all our parents for providing the variety of apples needed to make the apple graph and all the other activities. Another thank you goes to the teachers for all the additional toppings, sprinkles and wooden picks needed to make the children's special treats!
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